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INDIGO Blue Liquid Marking Dye

Blue liquid marking dye for use with pesticides and marking foam to assist in clearer identification of sprayed areas.

Active Constituent:

90g/L Sulphonated Aromatic Acid Dye

Rate: 100mL/100L

Pack Size: 5L, 20L

Indigo Blue Liquid Marking Dye Label.jpg
Indigo Blue Liquid Marking Dye SDS.jpg
Indigo Blue Liquid Marking Dye Brochure.

INDIGO ProForce Octane

A sticking-extending agent designed to control the life of pesticides. It is compatible in the spray tank with insecticides, fungicides and soluble fertilisers.

Active Constituent:

859g/L Di-1-P-Menthene

Rate: 300mL-1.2L/Ha

Pack Size: 5L

ProForce Octane Label.jpg
ProForce Octane SDS.jpg
ProForce Octane Brochure.jpg
Blue Liquid Marking Dye


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