A safe, natural and 100% biodegradable product to improve the clarity of bodies of water where sludge build and foul odours are a problem.

Active Constituent:

Beneficial bacteria and enzymes

Rate: 0.9Kg treats 1.89 megalitres 1.8Kg treats 3.78 megalitres

Pack Size: 0.9Kg, 1.8Kg


A pond treatment that is 100% biodegradable to reduce sludge layer and target suspended organic matter that causes algae build-up.

Active Constituent:

Concentrated bacteria and enzymes

Rate: 250g treats 0.47 megalitres

Pack Size: 12 x 250g


A specially modified acid for treatment of effluent and other poor quality water sources via injection systems.

Active Constituent:

23% N, 24% S

Rate: Dependent on water quality

Pack Size: 200L, 1000L

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