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We are committed to supporting the growth and professional development of turf industry personnel.



This is a great opportunity for turf managers to obtain the latest information available on a wide range of interesting topics for all areas of the turf industry. 


These webinars will give turf managers access to highly respected presenters in the Australian turf industry. Attendees will gain valuable knowledge that can be utilised in the workplace.

Register and Earn ASTMA Continual Professional Development Points

Use the links below to register and view our webinars ON DEMAND.

The GTS Webinar Series is an Australian Sports Turf Managers Association endorsed event.


Under the Sports Turf Manager Certification Program, registered attendees will be eligible to earn 1 Continual Professional Development (CPD) point for each webinar in the series.

Spence Zoom.jpg

Soil Testing - Getting Amendments Right

Presented by Paul Spencer, Greenway Turf Solutions

NZ Zoom.jpg

PoaCure - A New Weapon for your Old Poa;

Presented by Nadeem Zreikat,

Colin Campbell (Chemicals)

Jim Brosnan All Things Crowsfoot.jpg


All Things Crowsfoot -

Effective Control Strategies

Presented by Dr. Jim Brosnan,

University of Tennessee

AB Zoom.jpg

Turf Colour - The Role of Micronutrients and  Pigments

Presented by Andrew Boyle, Greenway Turf Solutions


Poa and Resistance Management

Present by Jyri Kaapro, 



Soil Surfactant Chemistry in Turfgrass Management

Presented by Peter Kirby, Indigo Specialty Products

kirby eri2.jpg

 Preventative Fungicide Programs for Fairy Ring and ERI Management

Presented by Peter Kirby,

Indigo Specialty Products

Suppliers of high quality fertilisers, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and specialty products for turfgrass.

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