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INDIGO Proforce Grenadier 800 WG

A quality wettable granule formulation of Fosetyl-Al providing systemic control.

Active Constituent:

800g/Kg Fosetyl-Al

Rate: 125g/100m2

Pack Size: 5Kg


Pythium spp.

INDIGO Proforce Solitare 240 ME

A micro emulsion (ME) formulation of Metalaxyl-M providing targeted disease control.

Active Constituent:

240g/L Metalaxyl-M

Rate: 17mL-35mL/100m2

Pack Size: 1L


Pythium Leaf Blight, Pythium Root Rot, Seedling Damping off (Pythium spp.)

INDIGO Tombstone Duo

A broad spectrum contact and systemic fungicide delivering strong disease protection in all weather conditions.

Active Constituent:

200g/L Tebuconazole + 100g/L Trifloxystrobin

Rate: 20mL-30mL / 100m2

Pack Size: 1L


Anthracnose (Colletotrichium graminicola), Brown Patch (Rhizoctonia solani), Fusarium or Microdochium Patch (Microdochium nivale), Helminthosporium Disease (Bipolaris spp., Drechslera spp. and Exserohilum spp.), Leptosphaerulina, Curvularia, Ectotrophic Root Infecting Fungi (ERI), Spring Dead Spot (Ophiosphaerella namari), Dollar Spot (Sclerotinia homeocarpa), White Helminthosporium



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