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INDIGO AzoForce 250 SC

A concentrated turf registered Azoxystrobin in a Suspension Concentrate formulation for broad spectrum disease control.

Active Constituent:

250g/L Azoxystrobin

Rate: 12mL-23mL/100m2

Pack Size: 2.5L

Indigo AzoForce 250 SC Label T.jpg
Indigo AzoForce 250 SC SDS T.jpg
Indigo AzoForce 250 SC Brochure T.jpg


Anthracnose (Colletotrichum graminicola), Brown patch (Rhizoctonia solani), Grey leaf spot (Pyricularia grisea) Helminthosporium disease (Bipolaris spp., Drechslera spp., Exserohilum spp.), Pythium Leaf Blight, Pythium Root Rot, Seedling Damping Off (Pythium spp.), Red Thread

(Laerisaria fruciformis), Winter fusarium (Microdochium Patch)(Microdochium nivale / Fusarium nivale)

INDIGO Proforce Clean Sweep Trio

A fungicide containing Tri-Active Control Technology that provides multi-site protection and delivers strong curative & preventative performance.

Active Constituent:

119g/L Thiophanate-methyl + 37.5g/L Fluazinam + 
and 36g/L Tebuconazole.

Rate: 120mL-200mL/100m2

Pack Size: 5L

Clean Sweep Trio Label Thumb.png
Clean Sweep Trio SDS Thumbnail.png
Clean Sweep Trio Brochure Thumbnail.png


Anthracnose (Colletotrichium spp.), Brown Patch (Rhizoctonia solani), Dollar Spot (Sclerotinia homeocarpa), Ectotrophic Root infecting Fungi (ERI)  including Couchgrass Decline and Take All Patch, Fairy Ring (Basidiomycete), Helminthosporium Disease (Bipolaris, Drechslera & Exserohilum spp.)

INDIGO Proforce Grenadier 800 WG

A quality wettable granule formulation of Fosetyl-Al providing systemic control.

Active Constituent:

800g/Kg Fosetyl-Al

Rate: 125g/100m2

Pack Size: 5Kg

Indigo ProForce Grenadier Label.jpg
ProForce Grenadier 800 SDS.jpg
Indigo Proforce Grenadier Brochure T.jpg


Pythium spp.

INDIGO Proforce Pistol 600SC

A protectant fungicide that controls a broad spectrum of turfgrass diseases.

Active Constituent:

600g/L Thiram

Rate: 160mL/100m2

Pack Size: 5L

Pistol 600SC Label.png
Pistol 600SC SDS.png
Pistol 600SC Brochure.png


Brown Patch (Rhizoctonia solani), Helminthosporium Disease (Bipolaris, Drechslera & Exserohilum spp., Fusarium Patch (Fusarium spp.)

INDIGO Proforce Regiment 550 EC

Highly concentrated form of propiconazole with a low solvent loading.

Active Constituent:

550g/L Propiconazole

Rate: 14mL-28mL/100m2

Pack Size: 10L

ProForce Regiment 550 EC Label T.jpg
ProForce Regiment 550 EC SDS T.jpg
ProForce Regiment 550 EC Brochure T.jpg


Dollar Spot (Sclerotinia homeocarpa), Spring Dead Spot (Leptosphaeria spp.)

INDIGO Proforce Shrapnel 600 SL

Fast curative and reliable prevention of Pythium diseases.

Active Constituent:

600g/L Propamacarb

Rate: 45mL-65mL / 100m2

Pack Size: 5L

ProForce Shrapnel 600 SL Label T.jpg
ProForce Shrapnel 600 SL SDS T.jpg
ProForce Shrapnel 600 SL Brochure T.jpg


Pythium spp

INDIGO Proforce Solitare 240 ME

A micro emulsion (ME) formulation of Metalaxyl-M providing targeted disease control.

Active Constituent:

240g/L Metalaxyl-M

Rate: 17mL-35mL/100m2

Pack Size: 1L

Indigo ProForce Solitaire Label.jpg
ProForce Solitaire Fungicide SDS.jpg
Indigo Proforce Solitaire Brochure T.jpg


Pythium Leaf Blight, Pythium Root Rot, Seedling Damping off (Pythium spp.)

INDIGO Proforce Squadron Weatherace 720 SC

A broad spectrum, contact or protectant fungicide with excellent rainfast characteristics. 

Active Constituent:

720g/L Chlorothalonil

Rate: 130mL-240mL/100m2

Pack Size: 10L

squadron weatherace label thumb.jpg
Squadron Weatherace sds thumb.jpg
Squadron Weatherace Brochure Thumb.jpg


Brown Patch, Dollar Spot and Grey Leaf

INDIGO ProForce Tombstone Duo

A broad spectrum contact and systemic fungicide delivering strong disease protection in all weather conditions.

Active Constituent:

200g/L Tebuconazole + 100g/L Trifloxystrobin

Rate: 20mL-30mL / 100m2

Pack Size: 1L

ProForce Tombstone Duo Label.jpg
ProForce Tombstone Duo SDS.jpg
Indigo Proforce Tombstone Duo Brochure T


Anthracnose (Colletotrichium graminicola), Brown Patch (Rhizoctonia solani), Fusarium or Microdochium Patch (Microdochium nivale), Helminthosporium Disease (Bipolaris spp., Drechslera spp. and Exserohilum spp.), Leptosphaerulina, Curvularia, Ectotrophic Root Infecting Fungi (ERI), Spring Dead Spot (Ophiosphaerella namari), Dollar Spot (Sclerotinia homeocarpa), White Helminthosporium

INDIGO ProForce Voltar GT 250 SC

An oil-based SC iprodione formulation for rapid, reliable curative disease control.

Active Constituent:

250g/L Iprodione

Rate: 90mL-180mL / 100m2

Pack Size: 5L

ProForce Voltar GT 250 SC Label T.jpg
ProForce Voltar GT 250 SC SDS T.jpg
ProForce Voltar GT 250 SC Brochure T.jpg


Dollar Spot (Sclerotinia homeocarpa), Brown Patch (Rhizoctonia spp.), Fusarium Patch (Fusarium nivale), Helminthosporium (Black and White Helminthosporium spot: Bipolaris spp., Drechslera spp., Exserohilum spp.)

INDIGO ProForce Voltar 500 SC

A water-based SC iprodione formulation that controls a wide range of turfgrass diseases.

Active Constituent:

500g/L Iprodione

Rate: 45mL-90mL / 100m2

Pack Size: 1L, 5L

Indigo Voltar 500 label.png
Indigo Voltar 500 sds.png
Indigo Voltar 500 brochurel.png


Botrytis Blight (Botrytis cinerea), Brown Patch (Rhizoctonia solani), Dollar Spot (Sclerotinia homoeocarpa), Brown Patch (Curvularia spp.) (Dreschlera spp.) (Fusarium culmorum) (Rhizoctonia solani), Fusarium Patch (Fusarium nivale), Leaf Spot (Dreschlera spp.), Spring Dead Spot (Leptosphaeria spp.), Spring Dead Spot (Helminthosporium spp.) (Curvularia spp.), Helminthosporium disease affecting leaf, crown and roots: (Black and White Helminthosporium Spot: Bipolaris spp., Drechslera spp., Exserohilum spp.).

INDIGO Segway 400 SC Fungicide

Offers consistent and rapid control of Pythium Blight and Pythium Root Dysfunction.

Active Constituent:

400g/L Cyazofamid

Rate: 10mL / 100m2

Pack Size: 500mL, 1L

Indigo Segway Label.png
indigo segway sds.png
Indigo Segway Brochure.png


Pythium Leaf Blight and Pythium Root Dysfunction caused by Pythium spp.

Grenadier 800 WG
Solitaire 240 ME
Tombstone Duo
Regiment 550
Shrapnel 600
Voltar GT 250
Clean Sweep Trio
Voltar 500


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