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INDIGO Proforce Malice 18

A translaminar miticide in an emulsifiable concentrate formulation.

Active Constituent:

18g/L Abamectin

Rate: 2L/Ha

Pack Size: 5L


Couchgrass Mite

INDIGO Proforce Malice Duo

A dual-active miticide that provides both effective knockdown and residual control.

Active Constituent:

18g/L Abamectin

187.5g/L Clofentezine

Rate: 1.35L/Ha

Pack Size: 1L, 5L


Couch Mite

INDIGO Proforce Recruit 200 SC

A broad spectrum insecticide in a suspension concentrate formulation for reliable residual protection.

Active Constituent:

200g/L Imidacloprid

Rate: 2.5L/Ha

Pack Size: 1L5L


First instar larvae of African Black Beetle, Argentinian Scarab & Pruinose Scarab, larvae of Billbug

INDIGO Proforce Rumbler 100 SC

A contact and knockdown insecticide providing rapid control of a broad spectrum of pests.

Active Constituent:

100g/L Bifenthrin

Rate: 1.2L-4.4L/Ha

Pack Size: 5L


Lawn Armyworm (Spodoptera mauritia), Sod Webworm (Herpetogramma licarsisalis), Argentine Stem Weevil Adults (Listronotus bonariensis), African Black Beetle Adults (Heteronychus arator), Billbug Adults (Sphenophorus brunnipnnis), Black Ant, Costal Brown Ant, Funnel Ant, Meat Ant, Sugar Ant, Stinging Ant



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