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ADAMA Quali-Pro Twister

A new generation insecticide for control of turfgrass pests.

Active Constituent:

80g/L Novaluron + 320g/L Indoxacarb (75:25)

Rate: 3L/Ha

Pack Size: 1L

Twister Label Thumb.jpg
Twister SDS Thumb.jpg
Twister brochure thumb.jpg


 Argentine Stem Weevil  (Listronotus bonariensis), African Black Beetle (Heteronychus arator), Billbug (Sphenophorus brunnipnnis)

ADAMA Venom Professional

A broad spectrum insecticide for use on turfgrass pests.

Active Constituent:

100g/L Bifenthrin

Rate: 12mL-44mL/100m2

Pack Size: 5L

Adama Venom Professional Label.jpg
Adama Venom Professional SDS.jpg
Adama Venom Professional Brochure.jpg


Lawn Armyworm (Spodoptera mauritia), Sod Webworm (Herpetogramma licarsisalis), Argentine Stem Weevil Adults (Listronotus bonariensis), African Black Beetle Adults (Heteronychus arator), Billbug Adults (Sphenophorus brunnipnnis), Black Ant, Costal Brown Ant, Funnel Ant, Meat Ant, Sugar Ant, Stinging Ant

Venom Professional


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