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SST Boom Tank Cleaner

Decontaminates most pesticide residues, removes stains and scale deposits and helps protect from corrosion.

Active Constituent:

Sodium Tripolyphosphate and Detergents

Rate: 100g/100L

Pack Size: 1Kg

SST Brushwet

A specialty non-ionic, organosilicone wetter and spreader to enhance some herbicide sprays on hard to kill weeds.

Active Constituent:

1020g/L Polyether Modified Polysiloxane

Rate: 30mL-500mL/100L

Pack Size: 5L, 20L

SST Companion

A spray adjuvant that acidifies, improves penetration and reduces the risk of alkaline hydrolysis in the spray tank.

Active Constituent:

345g/L Soyal phospholipids, 355g/L Propionic acid

Rate: 100mL-500mL/100L

Pack Size: 5L, 20L

SST Driftex

An adjuvant for addition to pesticide sprays to reduce spray drift and improve rainfastness.

Active Constituent:

790 g/L Refined Canola Oil

Rate: 250mL-1L/100L

Pack Size: 20L

SST Driver

A non-ionic, rainfast, general purpose wetting agent with low foaming qualities.

Active Constituent:

870g/L Alcohol alkoxylate and free fatty acids

Rate: 60mL-150mL/100L

Pack Size: 5L, 10L

SST Endorse Oil

Increases droplet spread, chemical uptake and rainfastness of chemical applications.

Active Constituent:

835 g/L Emulsifiable vegetable oil

Rate: 200mL-500mL/100L

Pack Size: 5L, 20L

SST Envirodye Red

A red liquid marking dye to assist in clearer identification of sprayed areas.

Active Constituent:

280 g/L Diazo Dyestuff

Rate: 50mL-150mL / 100L

Pack Size: 5L

SST Kwickin

An esterified oil based product with non-ionic surfactants to assist the effectiveness of pesticide applications.

Active Constituent:

704g/L Ethyl and methyl esters of canola oil fatty acids; 196g/L Non-ionic surfactants

Rate: 0.5L-1L/100L

Pack Size: 20L

SST Longlife Marking Foam

A biodegradable marking foam for chemical spraying.

Active Constituent:

300g/l Sodium lauryl ether sulphate

Rate: 1L-2L/100L

Pack Size: 5L, 20L

SST Spreadwet 1000

A non-ionic, biodegradable wetting and spreading agent for use with knockdown and residual herbicides.

Active Constituent:

1000g/L Alkoxylated alcohols

Rate: 10mL-400mL/100L

Pack Size: 20L



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