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FARMALINX OxaFert Herbicide & Fertiliser

A combination product containing fertiliser and pre-emergent herbicide for the control of Crowsfoot Grass, Summer Grass, Winter Grass and Oxalis.


16-2-6 , 1.5% Fe, 0.2% Mn 10g/Kg Oxadiazon

Rate: 300Kg-400Kg/Ha

Pack Size: 20Kg

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INDIGO Echelon Duo Advanced Herbicide + Insecticide & Fertiliser

A unique combination of herbicide, insecticide and fertiliser technology for effective pre-emergent control of Summergrass (Digitaria ciliaris), Crowsfoot (Eleusine indica), Wintergrass (Poa annua), and Creeping Oxalis (Oxalis corniculata) and residual insecticide for control of African Black Beetle (Heteronychus arator), Argentinian Scarab (Cyclocephala signaticollis) and Billbug (Sphenophorus brunnipennis) in most turfgrass situations.


15-1-17 + Trace Elements

10g/Kg Oxadiazon

1g/Kg Thiamethoxam

Rate: 300Kg-400Kg/Ha

Pack Size: 20Kg & 5Kg

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