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Turfgrass Seeds for Oversowing in Australian Conditions

Updated: Feb 2

Two people on a ryegrass sportsfield

High Performing Seed Varieties

The collaboration between GTS and PGG Wrightson Turf brings together our collective expertise and resources to address the evolving challenges faced by turfgrass professionals. The addition of PGG Wrightson Turf’s unparalleled, high performing seed varieties to GTS’ state of the art turfgrass products will provide customers with access to an extensive range of advanced turfgrass solutions designed to meet their specific needs.

With a steadfast commitment to research and innovation, PGG has established itself as a reliable source for cutting-edge turfgrass solutions that meet the unique demands of Australia's diverse climate and soil conditions. Their expertise in turfgrass genetics allows them to develop seed varieties that not only thrive in various environmental conditions but also deliver superior performance in terms of resilience, aesthetics, and playability.

Two people looking at ryegrass on a sports field

Trusted Varieties

Sportsfield Blends

We offer cutting-edge winter-active grass blends, uniquely crafted by integrating Mediterranean germplasm. These blends deliver genuine winter activity, rapid establishment, unparalleled wear tolerance, and outstanding recovery from sports activities and drought conditions. Additionally, they ensure year-round growth, tailored specifically for Australia's temperate climate.

Perennial Ryegrass

Turf type perennial ryegrasses are durable and exhibit rapid germination. This particular species is versatile, finding application in professional sports turf as well as in more refined landscaping scenarios. Its suitability for overseeding stems from its ability to establish quickly in various soil types.

Racecourse Blends

PGG Wrightson Turf offers racetrack ryegrass seed blends designed for rapid establishment, effective divot repair, consistent turf coverage at elevated racecourse mowing heights, resilience to drought and insects, and the creation of an appealing, even, and aesthetically pleasing surface.

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