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Racecourse Seed Blends

DuraTurf® Furlong

DuraTurf® Furlong is a blend of high quality Mediterranean perennial ryegrasses especially suited to racetrack surfaces in southern Australia.

  • Very rapid establishment

  • Excellent persistence

  • Attractive dark green foliage

  • Winter growth

  • Highly suited to southern Australia

  • Economically suited to broadacre use


Application Rate

Sowing rate: 200 – 250Kg per hectare

Oversowing: 150Kg per hectare


Pack Size: 25Kg


DuraTurf® Bolta

DuraTurf® Bolta blend is designed for oversowing kikuyu or couch racetracks to provide winter colour and growth and to protect the dormant C4 grass underneath. It combines two elite tetraploid annual ryegrasses with Mediterranean genetics to provide rapid establishment from oversowing in autumn and into winter and vigorous productivity through the cooler months.

  • A blend of two elite, tetraploid annual ryegrasses

  • Rapid establishment when oversown

  • Very high winter growth rate

  • Late heading date, allowing excellent growth and density through spring


Application Rate

Oversowing: 100 – 125kg per hectare

Pack Size: 25Kg

Bolta tumbnail.png

PGG Wrightson Turf have racetrack ryegrass seed blends which provide very fast establishment to repair divots, even turf cover at higher racecourse mowing height, drought and insect tolerance and an attractive, even, aesthetic surface.

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