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Granular pre-emergent herbicides are an effective tool for controlling weeds before they even have a chance to germinate. Consider using a granular pre-emergent herbicide if you want to: 1. Prevent weeds from germinating: Granular pre-emergent herbicides are designed to prevent weeds from germinating in the first place. By applying this type of herbicide to your lawn or garden bed before weed seeds have a chance to sprout, you can effectively eliminate a large portion of the weed population. 2. Reduce competition: Weeds compete with your desired plants for nutrients, water, and sunlight. By controlling weeds with a pre-emergent herbicide, you can reduce competition and give your plants the best chance to thrive. 3. Save time and money: Removing established weeds can be time-consuming and costly. Using a pre-emergent herbicide can prevent weeds from ever becoming a problem, saving you both time and money in the long run. 4. Be environmentally friendly: Pre-emergent herbicides target specific types of weeds without harming other plants or the environment. This targeted approach can reduce the need for other, more harmful chemicals. 5. Apply easily: Granular pre-emergent herbicides are easy to apply. Spread the granules evenly over the affected area and water them in. This makes them a convenient option for everyone.

Here are some innovative granular pre-emergent options available from Greenway Turf Solutions:


NPK: 16-2-6

Active Constituent: 10g/Kg Oxadiazon

Mode of Action Group: Group 14 Herbicide Pack Size: 20Kg

Application Rate: 3Kg - 4Kg / 100m2

A dual-use product featuring a highly effective pre-emergent herbicide combined with a high-quality Best Homogeneous Fertiliser. OxaFert is a shoot-absorbed pre-emergent herbicide, having minimal impact on root development in the turf establishment phase. OxaFert pre-emergent herbicide offers a unique mode of action and is ideal for resistance management.

Echelon Duo Advanced Herbicide + Insecticide & Fertiliser

NPK: 15-1-17

Active Constituent: 10g/Kg Oxadiazon + 1g/Kg Thiamethoxam

Mode of Action Group: Group 14 Herbicide (Formerly Group G) + Group 4A Insecticide

Pack Size: 5Kg, 20Kg

Application Rate: 3Kg - 4Kg / 100m2

Echelon Duo is a pre-emergent herbicide, residual insecticide and turf fertiliser. The pre-emergent herbicide, Oxadiazon is a shoot-absorbed pre-emergent herbicide, having the least amount of impact on the root system.

Onset 10GR

Active Constituent: 10g/Kg Prodiamine

Mode of Action Group: Group 3 Herbicide (Formerly Group D) Pack Size: 5Kg, 20Kg

Application Rate: 0.5Kg - 2Kg / 100m2

Onset 10GR is a granular pre-emergent herbicide offering up to 6-month weed germination protection from a broad range of grass weeds.

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