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Greenway Turf Solutions is a privately owned, AUSTRALIAN company with over 40 EMPLOYEES who SPECIALISE in providing INNOVATIVE products, equipment  agronomic services of the highest QUALITY to turf professionals ACROSS AUSTRALIA and overseas.

Know the name of the product?

Right Advice

Our Technical Field Agent team is comprised of professional agronomists and turfgrass managers with decades of turf industry experience.


We are committed to delivering our valued customers the highest standard of scientifically based advice available in the Australian Turf Industry.

Right Support

We have a dedicated distribution and supply chain team that works across Australia from our numerous customer service centres.


Our customer service centres work tirelessly to ensure that the products our customers depend on are delivered when they are needed.

Right Products

We supply quality brands from leading manufacturers of turf maintenance products.


Our experience allows us to apply an agronomic framework to each influencing factor affecting turf quality. This ensures the products we recommend achieve the desired results for our customers.


The products and services of GTS are founded upon our extensive experience working in the turfgrass industry.


Our local and international experience allows us to provide the most appropriate advice that is tailored to the specific needs of each individual customer. Our extensive range of turf protection, turf nutrition, landscape & nursery fertilisers, equipment, analytical services and many more specialty products allows us to offer solutions for all conditions.

Product range



Turfgrass protection & nutrition, landscape & nursery fertilisers and other specialty products

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Turf Protection

Defend your turfgrass from pests with products from the comprehensive GTS Turf Protection Range. GTS distributes fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and plant growth regulators from leading manufacturers in the Australian Turf Market.

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Turf Nutrition

Feed your turfgrass with granular and liquid products from the GTS Turf Nutrition Range. GTS distributes products that are manufactured using the latest innovations in organic, controlled release and up-front fertilisers and amendments in the Australian Turf Market.

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Landscape & Nursery

GTS distributes plant protection products, controlled release and organic based fertilisers for landscape and nursery applications. Maintain your ornamental plants with our quality brands from leading manufacturers.

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Further enhance the performance of your turfgrass with products from the GTS Specialty Product Range. View our complete range of wetting agents, adjuvants, colourants, water treatments, seeds and paint.



All your testing needs available online

GTS can conduct assessments of biotic factors such as plant pathogens, parasitic nematodes and mites that negatively impact on turfgrass health. Clients can select a specific diagnostic test to be carried out or GTS can conduct a complete Turf Health Analysis to encompass all potential biotic factors limiting turfgrass performance.

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Innovative machines for turf maintenance

MAREDO is a Dutch company that develops and distributes innovative machines for your turf maintenance. Using Maredo machines will help you to maintain your turf faster (less shut down time) and with less effort (using new technologies). This will increase the level of your maintenance quality and drop your maintenance cost.


Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information on our products and services.

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