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  • Josh Ammenhauser

Join the GTS Turf Manager's Tipping Comp for 2024

We are running a footy tipping competition for turf managers, and we’d love you to join in the fun!

You can tip in either the 2024 NRL or AFL competitions. Or why not both?!

Each code’s competition has prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd with a total prize pool of $3,000

1st place = $1000.00

2nd place = $300.00

3rd place = $200.00

Our competition is hosted on ESPN Footy Tips.

The competition will finish at the end of the regular season, with no tipping to take place during the finals.


Follow this link to register for the GTS Tipping Comp:

You can also sign up online at 

Or download the ESPNfootytips app for your smart phone.

We look forward to having you as a member of the GTS Turf Manager's Tipping Comp in 2024 😊


Competition Rules:

  • Users are asked to enter a margin for each round to separate those on the same score.

  • Miss your tips, receive the away teams for that round.

  • All Correct Bonus: Tip a perfect round, get 2 bonus point(s).

  • Joker Rounds: In a Joker round your score is doubled. You have 2 Joker(s) to allocate for the season. * Joker bonuses only apply to games which are tipped.

  • Tips can be edited during the round.

  • Once a game has started, you can't change your tip for the game in progress.

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