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Turf Tall Fescues

Turf tall fescues have very good tolerance of hot or cold weather extremes. This species has a high quality, dark and fine turf appearance, and retains its green colour deeper into the summer due to a strong deep root system.

Currawong II Tall Fescue

Currawong II produces a low-growing dense sward and can be used in any situation where a premium turf-type tall fescue is required. These situations include sports fields, parks, home lawns, sod farms and golf course roughs.

  • Bred for Australasian conditions

  • Year-round performance

  • Attractive glossy, medium dark green colour

  • Dwarf growth habit

  • Contains endophyte


Application Rate

A recommended sowing rate for Currawong II is between 30 - 50 g/m2 (300 -500 kg/ha) into a cultivated seedbed.


Pack Size: 25Kg


Lagertha Turf Tall Fescue

Lagertha was bred from advanced American material developed over many years by Rutgers University. In New Zealand, a selection was undertaken for turf performance, disease resistance and adaption by turf breeder Louise Carpenter.

  • Moderately fine, dense turf-type tall fescue

  • Dark green with excellent colour retention

  • Excellent persistence without irrigation

  • Contains endophyte

  • Mowing height between 50 - 150 mm


Application Rate

Mowing height between 50 - 150 mm.


Pack Size: 25Kg

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