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Fine Fescues

Fine fescues have a high shoot density and are tolerant to low mowing. They maintain good colour and a fine appearance year-round. Fine fescues can used in a range of areas such as golf greens, tees and fairways. This species is also suitable for landscaping.

Merlot creeping red fescue

Requires less water and chemicals to achieve optimum turfgrass performance. This drought-tolerant and disease-resistant variety is good for you and for our environment. Recommended for use in park settings, golf course roughs and fairways, home lawns and landscape areas.

  • Drought tolerant

  • Dollar spot resistant

  • Shade tolerant

  • Low fertility requirement

  • Underground stems


Application Rate

Sowing rate
20 – 35 g/m2
(200 – 350 kg/ha)


Pack Size: 25Kg


Predator hard fescue

Predator hard fescue forms an excellent quality dark, dense and fine turf that is difficult to tell from chewings fescue. It is a slow-growing species that is tolerant of low fertility and drought in suitable soils. Drought tolerance and persistence are best on heavy soils and moist loams but are poor on sands without irrigation.

  • Slow establishing and growth but excellent quality once established

  • Dark green colour

  • Improved resistance to brown patch, dollar spot and leaf spot

  • Best performance under low fertility


Application Rate

Sowing rate for lawns and parks is 30 - 50 g/m2 (300 - 500kg/ha).


Pack Size: 25Kg


Penncross creeping bentgrass

Penncross is an aggressive growing bentgrass with wide adaptability, but it is relatively coarse compared to more modern cultivars for closely mowed greens. It has tight, upright growth characteristics and a fine leaf texture. It is best suited for use on golf courses (fairways, tees and greens) and winter overseeding of bermudagrass greens.

  • Strong seedling vigour

  • Aggressive growth and good wear tolerance

  • Medium dark blueish green colour

  • Good dollar spot resistance


Application Rate

Sowing rate for lawns and parks is 30 - 50 g/m2 (300 - 500kg/ha).


Pack Size: 25Kg


Governors creeping red fescue

Governors creeping red fescue is a medium-textured, midgreen fine fescue, bred from New Zealand genetic material. It has the outstanding ability to retain a green colour and grow actively over winter when other fine fescues become dormant and exhibit brown dead material. Governors is ideally used in situations such as golf course roughs, where the mowing height is above 50 mm. 

  • Maintains colour under cooler conditions

  • Ideal for unmown areas

  • Companion species in seed blends

  • New Zealand bred


Application Rate

Governors fine fescue is sown at 30 - 40 g/m2 (300 - 400 kg/ha).


Pack Size: 25Kg

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