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Next Generation Soil Surfactant for Professional Turf

Product Overview

Active Ingredients:

Proprietary Blend of Non-Ionic Surfactants 90.0%

Inert Ingredients 10.0%

Application Rate: 6.25 L  - 12.5 L/Ha

Pack Size: 10 L

A new chemistry for managing localised dry patch

HydroForce Ultra represents a surfactant advancement for managing localised dry spot in professional turf situations. 

HydroForce Ultra is a new chemistry, with a unique molecular design, developed in partnership with one of the leading manufacturers of block co-polymer technology in the United States. The new molecular design, comprises of a block co-polymer with a modified structure to provide unique performance characteristics.  

HydroForce Ultra is manufactured in the United States to the strictest standards. The product comes available in a 10L pack size and has been developed and is supported by Dr Stan Kostka, Dr Mike Fidanza and Dr Cale Bigalow from Rhizosolutions LLC.

Key Benefits of HydroForce Ultra:

  • Unique molecule, with a unique structure for maximising wettability and responsiveness to hydrophobic soil surfaces, whilst maximizing air to water ratio’s for improved plant performance.

  • Provides both curative and preventative activity on localized dry spot.

  • Manufactured in the USA to the highest possible standards.

  • Extensively field tested, with excellent performance in both the USA and Australia. Performed well even in the toughest of conditions, proving effective where competitive products struggled.

  • US University research has shown that HydroForce Ultra can be used to enhance fungicidal performance and improve turf quality during tough summer conditions.

  • HydroForce Ultra is tank mix compatible with a range of products.

  • HydroForce Ultra has shown in Australian Field trials to enhance root development.

  • HydroForce Ultra provides at least equivalent performance to competitive products at significantly lower use rates.

The Uniqueness of the HydroForce Ultra Molecule

The molecule in HydroForce Ultra is a block co-polymer, with the structure and balance (defined in the illustration below) of the molecule modified to enhance adsorption to hydrophobic materials and to radically increase the wettability and responsiveness of treated surfaces to applied water, giving it unique performance characteristics.

Indigo Hydroforce Ultra 20L-RGB-2000px.p
Hydroforce ultra sds thumb.jpg
Hydrofoce Ultra Label Thumbnail.jpg
HF Ultra Thumbnail.jpg
Hydroforce Ultra Logo.jpg
HF Ultra Unique Molecule.jpg

HydroForce Ultra Research


1.  Turf Quality Assessment Research: Summer months USA – May to September Purdue University Trial: Dr Cale Bigalow: 2018 August Assessment Date Comparison

Competitor 1 

19 L/Ha

HydroForce Ultra

12.5 L/Ha

Competitor 2

16 L/Ha



Result: HydroForce Ultra produced excellent playing conditions, extremely resilient turfgrass and high turf quality under severe stress.

2. Soil Volumetric Water Content % Research Trial – May to September, 2018 – Dr Cale Bigalow & Dr Stan Kostka, 2019, Purdue University

HF Graph 1.jpg

Result:: HydroForce Ultra is effective at managing volumetric water content to target levels.

3. Root development & Plant Health Research Trial @ Oxley Bowling Club, Brisbane – January to April, 2020 – Trial conducted by G-Censeo Research

HF Graph 2.jpg
HF Graph 3.jpg

Result: HydroForce Ultra assists in improving root weights in Couch turf during stressful summer conditions. Product Applications applied 7/1/20, 18/2/20, 17/3/20. Dry Root weights taken on 5/3/2020 and 24/4/2020.

4. Improvement in Fungicidal Performance Research Trial – Penn State University (August, 2018) – Trial conducted by Dr Mike Fidanza

Result: HydroForce Ultra assists in improving disease control of foliar diseases  by effectively reducing leaf wetness. Surfactant was removed from the leaf the  night of the applications.

HF Table 1.jpg
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