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BEST 9-Iron Minis

Specially formulated to counteract alkaline soil and overcome chlorosis. This iron rich fertiliser promotes thicker root systems while improving overall colour and disease resistance.


9-3-7 + 9% Fe

Rate: 270Kg-540Kg/Ha

Pack Size: 22.68Kg

BEST Evergreen Minis

A homogeneous pellet with 5% non staining iron. The most effective source for all seasons.


18-2-0 + 5% Fe

Rate: 140Kg-280Kg/Ha

Pack Size: 22.68Kg

BEST Mini Pro

A high potash formulation to overcome potassium deficient soils. This complete homogeneous pellet is a good choice for autumn applications on turf, trees & ornamental s. Potassium is from sulphate of potash.


12-3-13 + 3% Fe & 0.5% Mn

Rate: 200Kg-400Kg/Ha

Pack Size: 22.68Kg

BEST Mini Turf

Miniature homogeneous pellets manufactured for use on hybrid couch and other closely maintained turf grass areas. This fast acting fertiliser will help increase root growth & plant vigor.


16-3-6 + 1.5% Fe & 0.2% Mn

Rate: 150Kg-300Kg/Ha

Pack Size: 22.68Kg



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