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INDIGO HydroForce CalWet Granular

A 150SGN granular combination of gypsum and soil wetting agent to improve soil structure and water retention.

Active Constituent:

20% Ca, 15% S, 30g/Kg Block Co-Polymer

Rate: 3Kg-10Kg/100m2

Pack Size: 25Kg

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INDIGO HydroForce Extend

A long term surfactant that protects against water repellency in soils and promotes turf uniformity for up to 90 days.

Active Constituent:

100% Proprietary Formulation of Non-Ionic Surfactants

Rate: 25L - 50L / Ha

Pack Size: 20L, 200L

hydroforce extend sds thumb.jpg

INDIGO HydroForce Ultra

A new soil surfactant formulation comprising of a block co-polymer with a modified structure for managing localised dry patch.

Active Constituent:

90.0% Proprietary Blend of Non-Ionic Surfactants
Inert Ingredients 10.0%

Rate: 6.25L - 12.5L / Ha

Pack Size: 10L

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Summer Soak A+

Summersoak A+ is a concentrated soil wetting agent with amino acids to assist in overcoming localised Dry Patch and general water repellence in the soil profile.

Active Constituent:

A Blend Of Non-Ionic Surfactants

Rate: 500mL/100m2

Pack Size: 10Kg

Summersoak A+ SDS T.jpg
Summersoak A+ T.jpg


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