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ADVANCED SEED Creeping Bentgrass 007

An advanced generation bentgrass. It was selected for improved Dollar Spot resistance, bright dark green leafy colour, excellent winter colour with no purpling and a vigorous, uniform, moderately dense growth habit.

Sowing rate: 0.5-1.5kg/100m2

Pack Size: 25kg


ADVANCED SEED Creeping Bentgrass 777 

An advanced generation creeping bentgrass with the ability to form a dense turf under close mowing for a better putting surface and improved poa resistance. 

Sowing rate: 0.5-1.5kg/100m2

Pack Size: 25kg


ADVANCED SEED Creeping Bentgrass Dominant X-Treme

Dominant X-treme is made up of a mixture of two or three of the following varieties; 007 Creeping Bentgrass, SR 1150 Creeping Bentgrass*, Flagstick Creeping Bentgrass or 777 Creeping Bentgrass

* mixture may vary according to availability

Sowing rate: 0.5-1kg/100m2

Pack Size: 25kg


ADVANCED SEED Poa trivialis Sabre III

Poa Trivialis providing dense and darker green turf for overseeding.

Sowing rate: 3-5 kg/100m2

Pack Size: 22.68 kg

Advanced Seeds Sabre III Brochure.jpg

ADVANCED SEED Ryegrass Axcella 2

Annual ryegrass with a unique dwarf growth habit that exhibits greater shoot density, narrower leaf blades, less vertical leaf growth, and a darker green leaf color than standard annual ryegrass cultivars.

Sowing rate: 3-4 kg/100m2

Pack Size: 25kg

Advanced Seeds Axcella 2 Brochure.jpg

ADVANCED SEED Ryegrass Olympic Gold

A high-performance mix, combining the best qualities of three premium ryegrasses. 34% SR4600 Turf Type Ryegrass, 33% SR4660ST Turf Type Ryegrass and 33% Bonneville Turf Type Ryegrass.

Sowing rate: 3-4kg per 100m2

Pack Size: 25kg


ADVANCED SEED Ryegrass Replay

A perennial ryegrass blend with excellent quality, performance and value.  Replay Blend brings together all the essential qualities required for a premium turf surface.

Sowing Rate: 3Kg-4Kg/100m2

Pack Size: 25Kg

AdSeed Replay Brochure V1.jpg

ADVANCED SEED Ryegrass Southern Star

A Perennial Ryegrass that will provide excellent turf quality under different management levels on sportsfields, landscape and amenity areas.

Sowing Rate:

New establishment: 4Kg-5Kg/100m2

Overseeding warm season turf: 3Kg-4Kg/100m2

Pack Size: 25Kg



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