Fleet Blinder

Blinder outshines every other product with its massive dilution range. At 10:1 dilution this paint has a quality finish that has out performed all competitor's concentrates' tested in the Fleet Laboratories and in the field.

Available in white and black

2 : 1 to 20 : 1
Pack Size: 10L

Fleet Colour XS

Colour XS is a concentrated grass paint that can be diluted up to 4:1. Used in Fleet's spray and wheel to wheel markers it is an ideal product for application on grass.

Available in red, blue, yellow green and black

4 : 1
Pack Size: 15L

Fleet Fastline

This is the most popular concentrate used all over Australasia today. From small club level to the professional stadiums. It is a highly concentrated product and when used correctly the price per pitch can be greatly reduced.

Available in black and white

​4 : 1 to 8 :1
Pack Size: 10L

Fleet Pitchmarker C

Pitchmarker C is where the cost saving can really start. It is a low cost moderate concentrate which can be diluted with water to produce long lasting rain resistant lines.

Available in white only

2 : 1 to 4 : 1
Pack Size: 15L

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