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SST Aquaforce

A highly penetrating heavy duty wetting agent for dramatically improving water penetration and helps prevent dry patch.

Active Constituent:

100% Specialty Non-Ionic Soil Surfactant

Rate: 15L-50L/Ha

Pack Size: 20L

SST Bi-Agra

Designed for broadacre use where watering-in is restricted. Provides excellent penetration, outstanding retention and improved uniformity.

Active Constituent:

1000g/L Blend of Alkylene derived polymers

Rate: 25L-50L/Ha Pack Size: 20L, 200L

Pack Size: 20L, 200L

SST Breakthru Gold

A non-ionic wetter penetrant for turf to overcome and prevent localised dry patch and remove excessive dew.

Active Constituent:

1020 g/l Polyether modified trisiloxane

Rate: 800mL-10L/Ha

Pack Size: 5L

SST Broadwet

A blend of specialty non-ionic surfactant Ideal for application in broadacre turf situations to overcome water repellency, rapidly penetrate and enhance soil rewetting capabilities.

Active Constituent:

Non Ionic Soil Surfactant

Rate: Injection: 1L-3L/Ha Boom: 3L-50L/Ha

Pack Size: 20L, 200L, 1000L

SST Injectaforce

An economical soil wetting agent developed for direct injection to irrigation water to provide consistent applications to turf surfaces.

Active Constituent:

Alkoxylated Block Co-Polymers, Alkyl Polyglucosides & Alkyl Polyethers

Rate: Injection: 2L-4L/Ha Boom: 2.4L-5L/Ha

Pack Size: 20L, 200L

SST Restore Granules

An easy to apply granular soil wetting agent to improve water penetration and helps prevent localised dry patch.

Active Constituent:

15% Specialty non-ionic surfactants

Rate: 700g-3.3Kg/100m2

Pack Size: 25Kg

SST Restore Liquid

A general purpose wetting agent for use where minimal watering-in is preferable, or minimal water application volumes are available.

Active Constituent:

Specialty non-ionic surfactants

Rate: 20L-50L/Ha

Pack Size: 20L



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