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SST Aquaforce

A highly penetrating heavy duty wetting agent for dramatically improving water penetration and helps prevent dry patch.

Active Constituent:

100% Specialty Non-Ionic Soil Surfactant

Rate: 15L-50L/Ha

Pack Size: 20L

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SST Aquaforce Brochure.jpg

SST Bi-Agra

Designed for broadacre use where watering-in is restricted. Provides excellent penetration, outstanding retention and improved uniformity.

Active Constituent:

1000g/L Blend of Alkylene derived polymers

Rate: 25L-50L/Ha Pack Size: 20L, 200L

Pack Size: 20L, 200L

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SST BiAgra SDS.jpg
SST BiAgra Brochure.jpg

SST Breakthru Gold

A non-ionic wetter penetrant for turf to overcome and prevent localised dry patch and remove excessive dew.

Active Constituent:

1020 g/l Polyether modified trisiloxane

Rate: 800mL-10L/Ha

Pack Size: 5L

SST Break-Thru Gold Label.jpg
SST Break-Thru Gold SDS.jpg
SST Break-Thru Gold Brochure.jpg

SST Broadwet

A blend of specialty non-ionic surfactant Ideal for application in broadacre turf situations to overcome water repellency, rapidly penetrate and enhance soil rewetting capabilities.

Active Constituent:

Non Ionic Soil Surfactant

Rate: Injection: 1L-3L/Ha Boom: 3L-50L/Ha

Pack Size: 20L, 200L, 1000L

SST Broadwet Label.jpg
SST Broadwet SDS.pdf
SST Broadwet Brochure.jpg

SST Injectaforce

An economical soil wetting agent developed for direct injection to irrigation water to provide consistent applications to turf surfaces.

Active Constituent:

Alkoxylated Block Co-Polymers, Alkyl Polyglucosides & Alkyl Polyethers

Rate: Injection: 2L-4L/Ha Boom: 2.4L-5L/Ha

Pack Size: 20L, 200L

SST Injectaforce Label.jpg
SST Injectaforce SDS.jpg
SST Injectaforce Brochure.jpg

SST Restore Granules

An easy to apply granular soil wetting agent to improve water penetration and helps prevent localised dry patch.

Active Constituent:

15% Specialty non-ionic surfactants

Rate: 700g-3.3Kg/100m2

Pack Size: 25Kg

SST Restore Granules Label.jpg
SST Restore Granules SDS.jpg
SST Restore Liquid & Granules Brochure.j

SST Restore Liquid

A general purpose wetting agent for use where minimal watering-in is preferable, or minimal water application volumes are available.

Active Constituent:

Specialty non-ionic surfactants

Rate: 20L-50L/Ha

Pack Size: 20L

SST Restore Liquid Label.jpg
SST Restore Liquid SDS.jpg
SST Restore Liquid & Granules Brochure.j


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