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Founded upon our extensive experience

The services of GTS are founded upon our extensive experience working in the turfgrass industry, specifically in the field of soil and irrigation water analysis and turfgrass nutrition. This local and international experience allows us to provide appropriate advice that is tailored to the specific needs of managers of professional turfgrass.


GTS provides a comprehensive assessment of the base soil nutritional conditions and influencing factors that are present. From this assessment, appropriate remedial and plant nutrition programs are devised. GTS also specialises in root zone specifications to provide optimal growing conditions during construction of turfgrass soil profiles.

An analytical package that is unique in the Australian market

The nutritional agronomic service offered by GTS is based around an analytical package that is unique in the Australian market. This includes Soil, Irrigation Water, Saturated Soil, Tissue, and Physical Analysis. It is the combination of these analytical tests rather than the reliance on just one type of test that provides the intelligence to adequately assess the soil nutritional conditions and solve nutrition related issues.


GTS can conduct assessments of biotic factors such as plant pathogens, parasitic nematodes and mites that negatively impact on turfgrass health. Clients can select a specific diagnostic test to be carried out or GTS can conduct a complete Turf Health Analysis to encompass all potential biotic factors limiting turfgrass performance.

Suppliers of high quality fertilisers, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and specialty products for turfgrass.


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