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GMX Liquid Kelp Xtra

100% liquid kelp concentrate to deliver high concentrations of the plant hormones.


3% N, 1.5% P, 0.5% K, 0.5% Zn 0.5% Fulvic Acids + Hormones

Rate: 50mL-100mL/100m2

Pack Size: 10L

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GMX Organic Plus

NPK combination of organic substances to assist in maintaining biodiversity, nutrient and water retention and promotion of larger root system.


2% N, 1% P, 3%K, 3% Humic & Fulvic Acid, 5% Seaweed, 10% Protein, 10% Amino Acids, 20% Carbohydrates

Rate: 200mL-500mL/100m2

Pack Size: 10L

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GTS Ensure Triple S

A proprietary formulation of plant active biostimulants to supplement and support plant physiological functions in high stress conditions.


Stress Support System

Rate: 5L-10L/Ha

Pack Size: 10L

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A beneficial fungi inoculant designed to increase microbial activity in the rhizosphere which in turn promotes root and plant growth.


5 x 107 CFU/g Trichoderma koningii & Trichoderma harzianum

Rate: 1Kg-4Kg/Ha

Pack Size: 1Kg

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A liquid aerator and root stimulator that works at microscopic level to hit and help the 90% of the root zone you don’t get with mechanical aeration.

Rate: 10L/Ha

Pack Size: 10L

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Liquid Kelp Xtra
Organic Plus
Ensure Triple S


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